05 September 2013

The new kitten! This is Ashen! He's so sweet and a great addition to our family.

The girls and I decided to take a trip to Mackinaw City to do some shopping. It was a much needed break for all of us! It was a perfect day for it!

20 February 2012

My New Camera, My New Boyfriend, My New Life!

My life has done a complete 360 recently. I went from being unemployed to working two jobs. I went from being sad and alone to being with the most incredible, inspiring and talented man I've ever met. Things are changing for me,...and life is good!

My boyfriend surprised me with a present a few days ago. He's an amazing photographer and he decided it was time for me to upgrade my camera, he bought me a Canon. It's a beautiful camera and the photos are flawless.
I believe it's a sign of things to come for us. I love life!

12 February 2012

Historic House

I had an amazing day shooting pictures with Geoffe Haney yesterday! Geoffe has an incredible gallery of photographs you have to see to believe! Not only is he an accomplished artist,...but I'm so proud to call him my friend,...and prouder still to call him my man!

Here are the links to his sites! Let me know what you think!

10 February 2012

Following in Mom's Footsteps

My youngest daughter Erica is developing into quite the little photographer! She's trying some new things and so far,..she's doing great!

It's so nice to see her expand her horizons and find a hobby she really enjoys!