28 June 2010

Fibro Friend

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2005. I knew of one other person that had it besides me. It is a difficult and complicated condition that still makes no sense to me. It affects the muscles and causes chronic pain for most who have it. There is no cure,..yet it is not progressive. It mimics many other conditions like R.A.,..Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis.

Then , one day I met Jenna Baker. She is a fellow scrapper,...a great friend,..and a Fibro sufferer,.just like me. We became fast friends and spent endless chats talking about our condition and how it effects us. She has had it much longer than I have and has it much worse than me. She is an inspiration to me in so many ways.
Although it's terrible that she has this horrid condition,..I'm thankful to have her to talk to about it. she understands everything and has helped me more than she will ever know!

This one's for you Jenna! I Love You!

23 June 2010

You Are Beautiful

Girls Of Summer


The Key To Happiness Is Laughing Together

19 June 2010

Vickie's Salon Layout

My neighbor recently opened a hair salon in her home. I took some pics of her to post on Facebook,..but decided I could use these pictures to make a really cool, one of a kind wall hanging for her made up entirely of 12 x 12 layouts.

The layouts were secured together using hot glue,..but were done somewhat separately. The ruffle looks as though it runs the entire length of the layouts, but it doesn't.

The layouts were made using K & C Company paper in the Tim Coffey line.

Thanks for the visit and come back soon!

16 June 2010

Jessica's Open House

Jessica's Graduation Card

Gone Too Soon

Precious Moments

15 June 2010

Today's Funny

demotivational poster - SHCOOL
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08 June 2010



Graduation 2010


Every Day Is Wednesday

Erica's Spring Formal Dance

04 June 2010

CC Photography

I recently put together a small flash website to show case some of my photography work. The site is offered in an ad on Facebook, I thought I'd give it a try. I'm far from finished with it as it looks like it has a lot to offer! Take a look and let me know what you think! If you'd like, check back often to see what's new!

Click on a picture in the gallery slide show to make it larger. I'm still learning how to use this site , any input you have will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for dropping by!

You are my Sunshine

Panic At The Disco

02 June 2010

Brittany in Black and White