24 November 2009

Broken Home

Ahh yes... no blog would be complete without a little Twilight now and then!

This layout represents the struggle for power between Team Edward and Team Jacob that is going on in my home! My oldest daughter loves Edward and my youngest is a fan of Jacob. It's becoming more and more common to hear things like...."Yeah, well Jacob is a jerk!" And then the retort..."Well, at least he isn't boring like Edward!" Or perhaps you've heard this one..."Jacob has a better body than Edward does!" And the reply to that one is...."Well Jacob doesn't sparkle!"

Sound familiar? These two fantasy characters have caused quite a ruckus between my girls. Though they never quarrel about who stole whose shirt...they will always squabble over whose mythical man is superior!

As for me...I'm rooting for Team Edward!! Real Men Sparkle!!