24 December 2009

Live Laugh Photograph

Photography has become as much a part of my life as scrapping. I've always taken a lot of pictures, but never really concentrated on what was scrap worthy and what wasn't. After all, who wants to see 150 pictures of my kids opening birthday presents on a layout.

I've learned to be more selective in my picture taking over the last year or so. I've done more photo shoots, choreographed shots and just plain surprise shots than I ever did before. I have found pictures such as these are far easier to scrap than random, unposed shots are.

Not to mention the fact that I just love photography. It still amazes me that a single picture can tell a story all by itself.

I take my camera everywhere with me. You just never know when an opportunity will show itself.

Take some time soon to try out some new techniques you may have never tried such as photo shoots. Instead of taking a picture of the family this holiday wildly scampering around the house, get them all together in one place and take that family portrait you've been wanting. Get outside and catch the snow falling in a wonderful winter shot.

Whatever you decide to photograph,...just do it. It's life in three easy steps:

Live Laugh Photograph

Thanks for the visit and Have a Very Merry Christmas!!