07 July 2009

How To Make A Floral Vine

I've been making quite a few of these lately for my layouts and to sell on Etsy and everyone seems to like them, so today, I'll teach you how to make your own floral vine!
Here's a picture of what we will be making....

They look more complicated than they really are!
Here is a list of supplies you will need:
Green Florist Tape
Floral Wire (I use 26 gauge)
some punched flowers or silk flowers
a couple of leaves cut out
a thin paint brush
any fern or leafy stems you like(optional)

Start by deciding how long your vine will be and cut your wire. I use three wires twisted together for strength.
Twist floral tape around the wire , covering it completely. cut out 4 more pieces of wire(I use three wires for this as well, twisted) and wrap them too as pictured....
Three of the wires, the longest one and two of the shorter ones will make up the vine. Lay the wires out flat to decide how you want them to look and use floral wire to attach the smaller wires to the larger one.
Take the last two wires and wrap them around the smaller end of your paintbrush to coil them like this...
Attach the coils to the vine using floral tape....
cut a small loop of wire and hot glue it to the back of the leaf cut out....and cover it with floral tape like this...Attach with floral tape.
Now, it's time to add the flowers. I pre-decorate my flowers ahead of time using a pen to outline the petals. Attach the flowers using a hot glue gun. I have found that hot glue does work best for these since they are so delicate.
Using floral tape once again, attach small ferns or stems or whatever you like to your vine. Hot glue can be used for some larger additions.
Here are a couple of my layouts using these Vines!

Have fun with these and get creative. You can add almost anything to the vine!