05 July 2009

Sometimes, Beauty Is What You Are

July 5, 2009

Sometimes, people are just beautiful. Not because of what they wear or how they do their hair, but beautiful because they simply are.

My oldest daughter Brittany has been MIA for the last year or so during my photo shoots. Every time she saw the camera come out, she found an excuse not to be included in the pictures.
Most of the reasons, I understood and complied with. Brittany had braces put on about three years ago, and didn't like her smile in pictures with them on.
Another reason was acne. She has battled it for years, and just recently started using acutane for it. Her skin is clearing up beautifully.
Well, the braces came off last month and her skin is gorgeous, so I thought I'd ask one more time.
To my surprise, the answer was yes.
So why, you might ask, did I keep asking her for a photo shoot even with the braces and acne? Because sometimes, Beauty is what you are! Brittany is breathtaking in every way to me.

Thanks for stopping by! Remember to get out that camera today, and snap some pics of your kids! They sure don't stay little forever!


Ann said...

This is a beautiful blog entry.