04 August 2009

Good, Better,Best!

These are pictures of my scrap room transformation. My very first scrap room was a very tiny corner of our furnace room. I had a large wall unit and my hubby built me a desk out of Melamine. I had a small window and really enjoyed finally getting a room of my own. However, the newness wore off rather quickly and I started thinking about swapping my room and the laundry room, which was bigger. After all, how much room do you need to wash clothes? :)

Eventually, I got my wish and swapped rooms. The second picture shows the new room!

Not too long ago, I decided to paint my room a brighter color and went with a warm yellow. The last picture shows the new color!

Thanks for stopping by!


Ann said...

Can I come over to play?

Carol said...

That would be awesome Ann!