26 April 2009

April 26,2009

Erica has some very effective expressions while we are taking pictures. This look in particular was due to the fact that the sun was in her eyes and I was taking too long to get the picture. It may have been a difficult photo shoot, but the pictures were well worth it!

About the layout:

Cardboard has become a staple item in my scrap room! I keep any boxes we get. By tearing the very first layer off, you get a really nice effect. At this point, you can leave it bare, stamp it, paint it, whatever you choose. It's a very versatile product.

The picture is actually mounted on a piece of cardboard to lift it up and give it more dimension. Then I was able to adhere the jewels on the underside of the picture.
This was also my first attempt at making paper roses! I'm not sure if they are done right though. I used the same method as if I were making ribbon roses. First, I cut strips of red card stock and crumpled it up. It twists and bends much more easily. I started by rolling the edge of the paper really tight to make the bud. Then I simply twisted the paper around the bud until I achieved the size rose I wanted. The tinier rose buds are made the same way, but instead of twisting extra paper around them, I stopped at the bud. For the stems on the buds, I used florist tape and just rolled it into a long piece. Because it's already sticky, it hold together very nice.

The flower border opposite the roses was cut with my Cricut.
I decided to use my Scrabble letters for the Title rather than stickers or chipboard. The wood texture of the tiles fit perfect with the look of the cardboard.

I've been experimenting with flower folding the last couple of days. I'm not using any instruction manuals, just my imagination to create something new and different. I'm having a lot of fun with it too.

It's important, in order to keep the cost down, to use those little scraps of paper and find new ways to make things. I can't always afford the name brand supplies (though I wish I could), and making as much as I can on my own saves a lot of money.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope to hear from you real soon! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful are a scrapSTAR!!

Karen said...

Carol, I love your new blog and will be back often! Thank you for sharing your amazing cost-cutting ideas with us. You are one creative lady and I always look forward to seeing your innovative pages!

Karen (Kanary)

maryjolly said...

You need to show a close up of these flowers too!

MAAZ said...

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