30 April 2009

Cattitude Is Everything

April 30, 2009

If anyone has ever had a cat, you are all too familiar with this "Cattitude" idea!

My cat Murphy has been my "owner" for nearly 8 years! I got him at only 5 weeks old and he is simply purrfect in my opinion!

My two daughters were young when we got him, and they were tyrants of this poor kitty. They would tie wooden spoons to his tail just to hear the spoon clanging on the stairs as he would run away. They would set up "live cat traps" in the living room, which were nothing more than a laundry basket propped up with that same pesky wooden spoon, and cat treats under the basket.
8 years later, they can't understand why Murphy is so spiteful and mean to them. I always warned them as little kids that they would live to regret their cruel and unusual punishment. They never hurt him, don't get me wrong. His feelings were probably more scarred than anything. He has never forgotten.....anything!

Now as for me, we are best buds. He sleeps with me, snuggled up close so that he can hear my heartbeat. And , he not only sleeps with me, but sleeps completely confined under the quilt. My hubby thought that was the weirdest thing ever when we first moved in together! A cat that sleeps under the covers is just unheard of, I guess!

He answers to many names including Moo (because he is colored like a cow), Moofasa (named after the Lion King!) and Kitten which I yell in the squeakiest voice I can muster!

He has a definite attitude, or Cattitude, and I love him for it, not in spite of it!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!
Stop back soon!