27 April 2009


Good Morning All!

Do any of you go to Garage Sales or Yard Sales? If you do, I'm sure you've stumbled upon some very good deals on craft items. There is always someone out there thinning out their inventory of papers or stickers.

But if you go to a garage sale only looking for the craft items, you may have missed out on a great find!

Did you know that little kids clothing has some of the cutest little buttons on them? Have you ever taken a peek at some of the more vintage style clothes and found gold buttons, perfect for your pages? What about a small colored zipper?
If you find these items...well what a steal!! These items can cost a fortune at craft stores, but may only cost you 10 cents at a yard sale! Clothing items have some of the cutest embellishments on them.

Have you ever passed the toys section of the yard sale , thinking to yourself that there couldn't possibly be anything useful there?

How about a Scrabble game? The letter tiles are very popular on pages right now.
Or maybe a Spirograph? Do you remember those? They make the coolest designs that can be used for framing a picture or just adding some flair to a page!
And then, there is always Barbie. Her little accessories would be perfect for use on pages about fashion or beauty.

And then there are housewares. Just the other day, I went to a garage sale and noticed a small wine rack on a table. It was made of wood and had three dowels that ran across the top of it to support the bottles. Well, being a non drinker, the first thing that popped into my head was a ribbon holder! Of course I bought it, and after a few modifications, it became my new ribbon rack! The best part is, I paid 50 cents for it!
Storage containers are also important to any serious scrapper. Housewares are the perfect place to find jars and plastic containers to hold all of your embellishments! Ball canning jars are perfect for storing flowers, not only because they hold a great deal, but they are also a very pretty and colorful addition to any scrap space.

Always keep your eyes open for odd items too like tie racks (perfect for ribbons),
dowel type paper towel holders (perfect for ribbon)
over the door organizers (perfect for flower storage and punches)
tins (perfect for storage and for decoration)
old style cassette holders (perfect for ink storage)

And last but not! Every guy has to put something in a garage sale, so it may as well be those extra little pieces parts that are left over every time they put something together! But that's great for us!
A garage sale is a good place to look for hinges, sandpaper,washers,dowels, hooks and other scrappy embellishments.

So, the next time you decide to take a weekend and hit a few garage sales, remember to keep your eyes open for the unexpected great find!

If you hit the jackpot and find something really cool, drop me line and I'll add it to my next post so my other readers can be on the lookout too!

Thanks for visiting my blog and stop back real soon!



maryjolly said...

Thanks for all the cool ideas! I would not have thought of those on my own! I'm glad you are so clever! =}

Lynn B said...

Fantastic idea!! Tfs ;D