24 April 2009

Beauty In Motion

This is a layout I made on April 23,2009 of my daughter. The flowers are hand made by me. Here is a close up of the flowers.

To make them, I started with 7- 2 inch by 2 inch squares. I folded the square corner to corner into a triangle. Then I folded the points down to the first fold line as shown. Then just fold it in half.

This is what the finished piece should look like. After folding all seven pieces , I used a hot glue gun to glue them together. I glued all the folds together. When you have glued the last piece on, stretch it out to meet the first piece and glue it together. You should now have a circle finished flower!

And viola...the finished flower! Add a button or raffia or ribbon (too tall for a brad), to the center.

Thanks for reading!