26 April 2009

April 26,2009

Tracks Of My Tears

It rained all day yesterday. By the end of the day we had gotten
3 1/2 inches! I stood on my front porch last night hoping to get a picture of the lightning that was electrifying the night time sky.

However, it wasn't the lightning that caught my eye. Drops of rain were falling from the bottom corner of the flag that adorns our front porch. I watched it for quite some time before finally raising my camera to see if I get a good shot. After several attempts I finally got the perfect one! The drop of rain just hanging there moments before leaving the fabric.
That's the story of getting the great shot!

The real story that I want to share with you happened moments before that drop of rain fell. Moments before adjusting the lighting and positioning myself at just the right angle.
The moment that inspiration hit me. A title, a layout, a concept and words started to float in my head!

The flag appeared to be crying, mourning almost.

Our nation is in such trouble these days that morale is at an all time low for most people. People are down with little hope, especially here in Michigan where our Auto industry is suffering. Sometimes, when things get this bad, the only option is to cry, whether it be people that make up this great country, or the flag, the symbol of our country.
All I could picture at that moment were millions of people symbolized by the flag crying at the same time creating a drop of rain !
I know,kind of deep, huh?!

I worry though. I worry about the future and what it holds for my girls. Will there be jobs for them? Will they be able to survive?

The tracks of my tears are the same drops that fell from the flag.
I hope all that made sense!

Thanks for visiting my blog and stop back real soon!