28 April 2009

Fe-Mail With Attachments

April 28, 2009

Hi again!

I had so much fun getting this picture! I used a mirror to get the double "me" effect. Of course while I was at it, I had to take a couple of "fun house " looking ones! Those will be in upcoming layouts I'm sure!

This layout looks a lot more complicated than it was. I used several different punches to get different dimensions. The corners are torn off and replaced with a lace punch border by Martha Stewart. Then I just added a small piece of tan card stock to finish the corner.
the top "Fe-Mail" circle started out as a lain circle that I punched using the medium daisy punch. Punching at different angles gives you a great detail addition. The bottom circle is punched with the small flower punch. Though the flowers are touching, I left enough card stock attached to keep the center from falling out.
The filmstrip was printed from a picture I found on the internet.
The swirls were cut with my Cricut.

The idea behind this particular layout is to explain how my camera had become an extension of me. It travels with me everywhere and I am completely lost when I don't have it. I truly believe all scrappers are photographers as well. We know what shots we need to tell a certain story and we learn how to get those great shots! I'm constantly taking pictures, much to the dismay of some, looking for inspiration.
I think if I weren't such a huge scrapbooker and was able to work, I would become a professional photographer. There is such a sense of satisfaction when you get that perfect picture.

Thanks for reading my blog and I''ll see ya'll next time!