29 April 2009

Imagine The Possibilities

April 29, 2009

It's so important as parents to teach our children to be confident. To believe in themselves. To dream....and to imagine the possibilities! So many children today don't even have a dream. The economy has made it more difficult for parents to put money aside for college. Young girls are getting pregnant before even finishing school. Dreams are put on hold.

I never went to college. Though I had a scholarship to a very good college, I knew my parents would never be able to afford to help me with expenses.

I tell my girls to think...think about what they want to be in life. Think carefully about the choices they make today and how those choices will effect their tomorrows.

And I tell my girls to dream. Not just any dream, but dream big! They can be anything they put their mind to. Any child can with the right mindset.

Just close your eyes and Imagine The Possibilities!