29 May 2009

Crazy For Glue

Lyrics sung to Madonna's Crazy For You!

My tables covered with matted pics,
I know in moments I’ll get my fix,
And this layout’s just as good as done…..

I see you, yes, my sticky friend,
Got a flower stuck to my rear end,
It’s ok, it’s not the only one…..
What I’m dying to say, is that

I’m crazy for glue,
Touch me once, and you’ll be stuck too.
I never wanted any single guy
It’s here forever if you let it dry
I’m crazy for glue!

I’m happy now with the glue I’ve chose,
Stuck it down, but that‘s not where it goes.
Moving things like this would not be smart…….

Think to myself that it just might nudge,
It’s permanent and now it just won’t budge.
And now I can’t get my fingers apart……
I need some help, I think

I’m crazy for glue
How this all happened, I don’t have a clue.
I know this all sounds very hard to believe,
And now I’ve got it on my sleeve….

I’m crazy for glue!