12 May 2009

A Storage Solution!

May 12, 2009

I know storing your craft supplies can really take some creativity! Stickers and letters get bent or lost or just plain ruined. I think for me, the toughest thing about storage is that when it's out of sight, its out of mind. So often, I finish a layout only to realize I had the perfect letters or a great embellishment that would have looked great on it. If I tuck things away neatly in drawers, I easily forget that I even had them.
I attempted at first to build a make shift Clip It up (the originals are a little pricey for my "Bootscrap budget!). With it being a circle, I found it to be very cluttered and difficult to organize. I then came up with this idea. I bought a metal dowel at my local hardware. I chose metal so that it would be able to accommodate the weight of several sheets of letters and stickers. I then purchased two shelf brackets with hangers on the ends. This would be my dowel holder. I bought book rings to hang all my letters and stickers with. Book rings work great with the metal dowel and slide with ease. You can hang several coordinating things together on one book ring or keep everything seperate. It's an inexpensive solution to organizing your work area!

Thanks so much for the visit!