02 May 2009

Only You

May 2, 2009

Happy National Scrapbook Day Everyone! There are some fun things going on today! Pages In Time is hosting an Online Mini crop today! Take a minute to check it out and join in on the fun!!

Only You

My youngest daughter Erica is such a bright spot in my life. She has an addictive laugh and a smile that melts my heart! No one else is quite like her!

I did this lo for one of Pages In Time Online Mini Crop Challenges....Doodle it!
The grids are hand drawn (doodled) and the dots are around the picture are doodled on.

But the thing I want to share are the hand made call lilies. Below are all the steps you need to know to make these yourself. They are really very easy and dress up a page nicely!

Here's what you need to get started:
Glue gun (regular glue or tacky glue will work, but I'm very impatient!)
circles cut in what ever sizes you want
yellow ink
black or brown ink

First off, use your sponge to apply yellow ink in a strip down the center of one circle as shown...

Next, use your black or brown ink pad to ink the edges of the circle.

Then fold your circle in half making sure that the yellow strip is in the middle of the fold, like shown....

Now, this part gets kind of tricky, so pay careful attention. Pinch one end of the folded circle...

And lay it flat on a hard surface......

Now, carefully pinch the yellow inked area together like this:

This is where I use the glue gun to glue the upper portion of my flower together.

And now you have a finished calla lily...just add leaves!

Thanks so much for dropping by and Have an Awesome and Fun Filled National Scrapbook Day!!

Stop again soon!