10 May 2009

Dushville, Michigan

LMay 10, 2009

I decide to do a little research on my hometown of Winn, Michigan.
Come to find out, it used to be named Dushville. I have no idea how it got it's original name or why the name was eventually changed.

I found this really cool photo though and decided to do a layout of it. The picture is of The Grand Army of the Republic, taken May 30, 1895. The names of the soldiers were listed below the picture, but none of them sounded familiar to me. I'm not sure of the exact location of the picture either. There are two houses in the background, but they don't seem familiar either. I'll do some further checking and see if I can find anything else.

Vintage and heritage layouts are some of my favorite ones to do. I love the color scheme used for most of them and the aged photos always look great.
Check out your history and find some old pictures to scrap. You'll have so much fun looking at the photos and learning about your past!

Thanks for stopping and come back soon!