04 May 2009

A Mother Like No Other

May 4, 2009

This was for the So uplifting challenge over at Pages In Time.

This first layout I did a few months ago. It is my youngest daughter Erica, with a couple of her baby pics thrown in....wasn't she a cutie!

I've always like the design of this layout, so it was an easy choice to pick this one for the So Uplifting Challenge. For this challenge, you had to lift yourself. How fun, right?! The next thing was coming up with ideas for my new layout. That part was easy too.

The words "So Uplifting", immediately made me think of my mother in law, who passed away a year ago this month. I've been thinking about her a lot lately, so she was the logic choice for new project.


A Mother Like No Other !!

My mother in law as simply the best.

I have a very strained relationship with my own Mother. Though I wish we could get along and that things didn't have to be this way, it was her choice that we distance ourselves from one another. That was almost two years ago.

My mother in law immediately stepped up to fill her shoes. She was not only my friend and mother in law....but became motherly towards me. She would talk with me endlessly about issues and problems, yell at me not taking better care of myself and lift me up when I had forgotten how!
She always treated me like I was one of her own. I felt loved by a real Mom!

As a memorial to her and to honor her this Mothers Day, this layout was perfect. I miss her and love her every day of my life!

Thanks for the visit and come back soon!


Glenda Brill said...

You have stolen the title of my post about my mother. A Mother like no Other...I wrote that post on April 24th. And the Greeting Card with the same title was written by me for my mother, and printed by myself and up on my website for the last 3 years.(Greeting Card under Mother: A Mother Like No Other. It is also copyrighted. It is wrong to steal other people's title ideas. You should come up with a different title name for your own story, don't steal other's people's ideas.
Please change that title. It is not yours!
Glenda Brill website:
You can see for yourself that title there before yours.