12 May 2009

Did You Know?

May 12, 2009

Did you know that having a scanner makes you brilliant? I didn't until my oldest daughter Brittany informed me that I was!
She was watching me put together this layout titled Popsicle Faces. I decide to use Scrabble tiles for the title and unfortunately didn't have 2 P's to spell Popsicle. Her first reaction was to just find some different letters for the title.
Mine was to put the one P that I had in the scanner and color copy it. She watched in amazement as I cut out the printed letter and glued it to one of the blank tiles that came with the set.
This was the moment I found out I was brilliant. What a great day!

So, I guess now when I'm having a down kind of day, I'm just going to scan something! If nothing else, I'll feel brilliant for a second or two!

Thanks for visiting me here at bootscraps and always remember that scanners make you brilliant!!
Come Back Soon!