24 June 2009

Daddy's Garden

June 24, 2009

As you all probably know ( simply because I've mentioned it a million times!), my Dad passed away 4 years ago. The first thought I had, when I was able to think about him without breaking down, was to build him a garden at his grave. It always seemed so bare and empty going to visit him and looking around at all of the beautifully maintained floral masterpieces that everyone else had managed to put in for their loved ones. Not that putting in a garden means that you loved someone more than if you didn't, but there are very few gifts you can give someone that passes besides flowers or the occasional ceramic statue.
Where to put those items becomes a little tricky without some sort of garden area. Granted, I've taken plants to my Dad before, only to have them mowed down by the groundskeepers.
My Dad's grave site for the last 4 years has consisted of 2 small shepherds hooks. One has two hooks and has a spinny coil on one side, and the other side, a pair of stars, signed by my daughters. The other hook has a gnome hanging from it. The gnome is actually an inside joke which I could never explain if I tried! Another small ornament is a gnome on a rod, that is pushed down at the top of the stone, to watch over my Dad!

Sure wish at this point I could explain the gnome thing, but trust me, it really makes no sense!

There is a large blue urn that my sister and I put flowers in every spring as well. And ,every once in a while, I will take up a small arrangement of flowers.

That's it, nothing else. Can you say boring?

My uncle is buried right next to my Dad too. I decided to simply wrap the new garden around him as well, since we are the only family he has.

So on this day, June 24, 2009, my sister, nephews and myself , created a masterpiece too! It took about three hours to complete. Not to mention, I chose our hottest day so far, a balmy 94 degrees, to put it in.

But we did it. The same two little girls that used to fight like cats and dogs. The same two girls that had to be separated by our Dad before we really hurt one another. The same two girls that didn't speak for nearly 8 years in adulthood, due to some issues we could not over come.
These girls........ my sister and myself, came together after our Dads passing and built him a garden. And a beautiful one at that!

I know for my Dad, he won't see the garden as a gift. His gift was looking down from heaven watching his girls work together in perfect harmony as not only sisters, but friends. Enjoy you're gift Dad! I know, I will!


fablady said...

this is so lovely,you did an awesome job on the garden!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look that good now