16 June 2009

Hard Rock Cafe

June 16, 2009

My husband and I just love The Hard Rock Cafe.

We have been to the ones in Hollywood, San Fransisco and Pittsburgh. We love to look around at all the cool memorabilia they have. You could spend the better part of the day just checking out all the pictures, clothing, guitars and signed souvenirs.

When we go to a different state , we always try to see if they have a Hard Rock Cafe. Each one has something different to see. And of course, I have to buy something at every shop!

But the Hard Rock doesn't just have memorabilia. They have a full bar and a menu of great food! It's nice to get a bite to eat and sit and look at the awesome decor.

My favorite food there.....Twisted Mac!

Next time you head out of town, check out a Hard Rock Cafe! You won't be sorry!

Thanks for stopping by and don't stay away so long next time!