16 June 2009

Unexpected Photo Ops

I usually have my camera with me at all times. If I leave the house, I try to remember to grab on my way out the door. You just never know when you will have the perfect photo opportunity.

For example, who knew having two teenage girls wash your car would turn into a priceless photo shoot!

I asked Erica, my youngest to wash the car for me. In exchange, she could have all the money in my console. She agreed. Well, somewhere between washing the wheel wells and rinsing, my oldest daughter Brittany decided she would help her sister . However, her idea of helping to rinse really didn't involve the car at all!

It's moments like these that make what I do so much fun. These photographs, for the non- scrapper, would most likely end up in a box or in a file on a computer.

For me, being a scrapaholic, these are priceless memories of my girls having fun!

I think scrappers look at pictures differently than most people. I know I do. I think about ways to scrap nearly every picture I see. I think about
colors and titles and layouts long before the pictures even get printed. I guess it might just be a scrappers thing. I never used to look at photos that way and I certainly never saw so clearly the photo opportunities that were right in front of me.

Take some time to look around today for a photo op! You might just be surprised at what you see, when you look at things a different way!

Happy scrapping and thanks for stopping by!