16 June 2009

Scrap room Face lift

June 16,2009

It might be hard to tell in these pictures, but I gave my scrap room a face lift recently. A fresh coat of paint in a beautiful shade of yellow could brighten even the darkest spaces.

Originally, the room was painted in a desert shade of sandstone. more brown than yellow, it made the room a bit dark.

This first photo is of the room before the fresh paint.

This is my freshly painted room. Bright and cheery and full of inspiration. I'm not quite finished with it yet though. Though it's a small area, I was only able to paint about half. I figure some where between laundry, kids and of course scrapping, I might finish it one of these days!

Thanks for checking in and think about a fresh coat of paint for your work area. It's amazing how such a simple improvement can spark your creativity!


Jenni said...

Look beautiful. As much time as you spend in it you should make it what you want! Feel free to call on me to help you finish painting. :)