10 June 2009

Two Flowers... One Technique

Here is a picture of the flowers we will be making....

The yellow one on the left is a Spiral Rolled Flower and all the others are Spiral Rolled Roses. Both use the same technique to make them.

I'll start with the Spiral Rolled Flower. You will need card stock, either double sided or a plain color as both sides of the paper show with these flower.
Draw a spiral on the paper like shown. The distance between the spirals you draw will determine how tall the flower will be, so keep that in mind when drawing it out!

Cut out the spiral and cut off any extra like this:

I like to ink the edges of the paper because I think it looks nicer, but that's totally up to you. Ink the outer edge of the spiral at this point.

Now, starting at the outer edge of your cut spiral, begin rolling up your paper, ink side in like shown. This will become the bud, or center of the flower.
Continue rolling until you get to the end. I use the very center of the spiral to hot glue to the bottom of the flower to help keep it all together.

Now for the second variation of this flower The Spiral Rolled Rose.
Do everything exactly the same as for the Spiral Rolled flower as far as cutting and inking. This time though, bend the inked edges of the spiral outward like shown below.
Begin rolling from the outer edge as with the Rolled Flower with inked side out. This will become the flower center.

Continue rolling until you get to the end, using the center of your spiral to hot glue to the bottom to secure your flower.

Have fun making these really cool flowers! If you have any questions , just ask and I'll post the answer here! Share


**luci** said...

OMG yours are just gorgeous, TFS, and am going to have to try this